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Kim Welsman was born in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.  She grew up in a military household, so there were plenty of moves, but Kim finally settled in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia at the age of 12. Kim had her son before she started university and left Nova Scotia with her first husband, headed for Toronto. She studied at the University of Guelph until they split. She made beautiful Vancouver her home for the next 4 years, finishing a Bachelors degree in Environmental Geography at UBC.

When severe illness struck both parents she came back to the metropolitan Halifax area. Her father passed away the following year. She went back to school the next year and received her B.Ed.  Life had its series of ups and downs. Kim found a full time teaching job in 1997, but the call to write was never far from her mind. She started an M.Ed. in 1999, then transferred to an MA.Ed when she was diagnosed with a disability. The focus of her thesis is the intersectionality of Feminism, the autoethnography of disability, and the environment. She’s always dabbled in writing whether it was creative (for herself) or non-creative (for her thesis) until her partner Geof, whom she married in 2010, became her biggest supporter and fan—urging her to take up that call full-time.

Work on her first novel in her gothic preternatural historical series The Deeps, flourished after her health improved once she moved into her new home in the early months of 2012. Not one to be thwarted by her disability or by lack of available resources she’s combed the internet for on-line courses and workshops ever since. Her writing loves, fantasy, horror, and science fiction always remind her of her roots. After putting aside drafts for no less than two novels in her adult series Kim revisited her baby, Strange Days, to revise and refine the multiple point of view young adult science fiction series. Honing her craft further she dug back into YA with a dark fantasy/horror Inbetween. Last year she felt her manuscript drawer was full enough and has since been on the look out for agent representation.

She loves writing from a female point of view whether it’s a good YA or adult fiction, story told well, written in the fantasy, horror, or science fiction genres, of course!

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